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GoPro Ski Slide Show from Tower Ridge

Well, I just had to get one of those GoPro waterproof cameras that Rich Hoeg from MinnSki.com showed me back at the Twin Cities Championships. After going directly to the GoPro web page, I did a random search on Amazon and found a package deal with the head strap for a much cheaper price. The idea, of course, is to catalogue the Birkie a little bit, and other ski races that either Frank or I (or anyone else who cares to wear the thing) might be doing in the future...heck, we might even be caught taking pictures at bike races, etc.

Having just got my head strap camera in the mail, I decided to head out to tower ridge on an unfortunately rather overcast day and take a series of pictures. These I converted (with no small amount of irritation) to a video which I've placed on this blog. The camera also has a video feature, but the limitations of memory and battery power make the still image option more viable (at least that's what I think...I need to experiment some more).

This camera also came with a housing with a sticker on it so that you can fasten the camera to your car...pretty neat idea for the next time I smash into a deer or something. I'm already looking forward to taking this bad boy with me on a river trip sometime.

Anyway, that's it for today. If you see me out on the trail make sure you smile and wave because chances are I'll be recording you!

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