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Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival on the horizon!

Frank cresting Firetowner Hill, 2007

Tis the season! That's right, the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival in Hayward, WI is on the horizon. The "Fat Tire" as regulars call it, is the race by which mountain bikers in the Midwest are judged. I don't know how many times I've told someone I was a mountain biker, and then they ask, "Where do you finish in the Fat Tire". This race is kind of like the Birkie in that sense.

In any case, this is an amazing event run by one of the gentlemen of the bike community, Gary Crandall. Gary slaves away all year to ensure this event is the best in the country, and he delivers every year. I don't know of any other Mountain Bike races that fill up every single year with over 2500 racers! So, if your fortunate enough to get in, you're in for a treat!

Based on my experience, here is what your Fat Tire experience will likely be like:

Start: You're in a mass of mountain bikes and humanity. You're likely frustrated by all of the people who put their bike on the start line at 4AM, so now you're behind hundreds of people before you event start. The gun goes off and thousands of riders casually roll down main street to cheers behind a slow motorpace vehicle

Mile 1: Still on the roads, you take a right turn onto Hwy 77. Here the pace vehicle pulls away and the race is on. The speed goes from 15mph to 30+ mph, if you can hang. Things get spread out and at about mile 3-4 you take a left turn into Rosie's field and your off road adventure begins.

Miles 4-20: The name of the game here is momentum. You're going up and down the big hills on the Birkie trail. Go as fast as you can down the hills and keep it going on the ups. Stick to the wore in/packed track on the Birkie trail as it is much faster than the speed sucking grass. Before you know it, you're at mile 20 and cross the famous road "OO".

Mile ~30: After another 10 miles of rollers, Birkie Trail, and Fire roads, you hit the killer of the race course: Firetower hill. This is a "triple whammy" hill, essentially three large hills back to back to back. You don't see the next one until you're over the prior one. It is rideable, but pace yourself up this one! If you're feeling good here, you can pass a ton of people here!

In to the finish: If you have anything left in the tank after Firetower Hill, now is the time to let it rip. Most folks are slowing down by this point and you can literally pass hundreds of people in the last few miles if you're feeling good

Finish: After going down Telemark Hill, there is a slippery sweeping left curve. Once you're past that, you have ~300 meters of sprinting to go!

Have fun, enjoy, and come back to CyclovaXC.com to share your race experience with us!

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Frank Lundeen and Ben Jonjak Invite you to Join a New Ski Team

That's right, for those of you who remember the glory days of the Riverbrook Nordic Ski team, and who have been saying, "I wish Ben and Frank were still around to run a team," well, the wait's OVER!

For those of you who DON'T remember our old team (hard to conceive I know, but I suppose there are a few of you who weren't BORN yet), it was simply the best ski/bike/run team in the history of the known universe. Now we're doing a relaunch as CyclovaXC, but we're retaining the core values and undisputed awesomeness that we had before, so be excited!

What are those core values? Well, unlike some other ski clubs, CyclovaXC is focused 100% on having a good time, creating a community of skiers/bikers/runners, having an AWESOME ski suit, and simply finding joy and bringing people together to live and train well! We want EVERYBODY to be involved in our club, from the most casual skier to the most dedicated "professional" amateur. In OUR club, everybody will be treated equally. If you want training tips, we can help! If you want training company, we can help! If you just need encouragement to get out there so that you can lose a few pounds, we can help!

Of course, many of you remember "The Dominator" (the semi-monthly newsletter). Well, the Dominator is BACK! However, this time it will be in the form of a bi-monthly email. You see, the magic of the internet has made some tremendous things possible, and we're sticking our toe in the water with www.cyclovaxc.com! Our concept for the web page is to provide a DAILY article (sometimes serious, sometimes comical) that inspires you to get out there and keep training. In addition to this, we'll be sending out a bi-monthly email which highlights the month's best features on Cyclovaxc.com (as well as a few other reminders). Our web page will also feature a message board and an events calendar! In sort, it's the PERFECT runner/biker/skier resource ever conceived!

How do you join CyclovaXC.com? Simple, head over to the web page (http://www.cyclova-xc.blogspot.com/) and order up a suit. This time around, we decided to have TWO unique designs! You have to go and check them out because, as with our old Riverbrook design, we're sure that the look of our new suit is going to set the standard in the industry for the next ten years or so (Rossignol ripped us off so obviously that their conscience should be pestering them to send a royalty).

If you know either Frank or Ben, you know how much fun this is going to be, and if you don't know either of us, well, we'll be HAPPY to meet you (and how did you get this email by the way?).

At the very least, check out http://www.cyclova-xc.blogspot.com/! Don't get left out of the greatest thing to ever happen to anybody at any point in recorded history...or any other kind of history for that matter!

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Our Mission

Mission: CyclovaXC exists to help XC Skiers, Cyclists, and Runners enjoy their their active lifestyle together with like minded people. We bring XC Skiers, Cyclists, and Runners of all levels together and offer everyone a team to call home and enjoy.

  • To simply have fun with the amazing sports of XC Skiing, Biking, and Running.
  • Build community around our sports, resulting in growth of the sport
  • To welcome all levels of XC Skiers, cyclists, and runners to our club, website, and Cyclova XC Racing Service Program; from National Champions to beginners.
  • To enjoy the company of other like minded people.
  • Grow with each other through training and racing together.
  • Learn from others about how to progress in your sport.
  • Provide an informal atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable in sharing training tips and working toward their personal goals.
  • To have spiffy team clothing that sets us apart from other teams and clubs that is both functional and fashionable
  • Provide our club members and the skiing public world class Stonegrinding and Race Waxing through Cyclova XC Racing Service

Tools for Achieving Mission/Goals:

  • Our people/members: XC Skiers, Cyclists, and Runners of all stripes, from professionals to first timers.
  • CyclovaXC.com: Our website serves as a information source with daily articles posted. Articles range from funny stories to cutting edge tech or training articles.
  • Cyclova XC Facebook Group Page: When you're not out training with your fellow CyclovaXC team mates, keep in touch with them here! Our Facebook Group Page serves as a convenient medium to keep in touch with everyone. Keep up on the posts on our website, latest races, training sessions, or divulge in a bit of trash talk!
  • "The Cyclops" Newsletter from CyclovaXC: That's right, "The Dominator" newsletter is back. This time around, it lives in the form of a bi-weekly email newsletter called "The Cyclops". Sign up at CyclovaXC.com!

About the Founders and Why: Cyclova XC was founded August of 2009 by Ben Jonjak and Frank Lundeen.

Back in September of 1997, Ben and Frank founded the Riverbrook Nordic Ski Team, which quickly became the largest citizen ski team in the US and also got a ton of fantastic race results. This team quickly became something very special to many people across the Midwest. This was a XC Ski Team for all levels of skiers, from National Champions to beginners, where everyone was truly welcome and everyone supported each other in achieving their goals, with a goal of having fun while XC Skiing.

These bedrock values live again with CyclovaXC! This time around, cycling and running are officially key elements of the team, as most of us all ski, bike, and run. Get to know us, join us, and let the good times roll!

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