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The Beginning of "The Winter of CyclovaXC"!

That's right folks, the day has come where I saw the phrase "Winter Weather Advisory" on various weather websites. Check out this beautiful map above... While Fall officially started a week or so ago, it felt like it actually arrived on Sunday evening at about 5 PM. Here in Minneapolis the temperature dropped 25 degrees between 4:30PM (74'F) and 9PM (49'F) - that's 25 degrees in 4.5 hour folks!

Since then, the past few days have been chilly Fall days, the weather we love. Today comes the first frost warning, which I will call the first major milestone of the '09-'10 winter, the winter of CyclovaXC; Our first frost!

Cover up the tomatoes, the flowers, and all other delicate things; actually don't bother, they're all screwed with the winter we're going to have. The great cities where CyclovaXC members hail from are going to enjoy momentous snow this winter; places like Minneapolis, Osceola, Spooner, Hayward, Eau Claire, Rochester, Barron, St. Croix Falls, Frederic, and of course Ironwood! In fact, Ironwood better be ready to loan out some of it's heavy snow moving equipment, as the rest of us are going to need it!

Now I hope that got you all fired up to ski. For those of you who are cyclists, runners, and not bikers, just let us skiers enjoy our season. We do love you, it's just the skier's turn now.

In all seriousness, this is an early frost, roughly 10 days earlier than the median first frost date here in Minneapolis. I am a huge fan of weather in general. While working for Toko and publishing all of the Toko Wax Tips for the US, it was my job to be a weather and waxing expert. That passion still holds true today.

With that said, I'm working on the CyclovaXC Winter Forecast for the Upper Midwest. In this CyclovaXC Winter Forecast, I cite several weather authorities such as NOAA, The Climate Prediction Center, The Farmers Almanac, and our friends the Wooly Bear Caterpillars. Watch for this post soon!

Think Snow!

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