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Bike Touring: Food For the Soul (June Adventure, Part 2)

Greetings, and welcome to part 2 of this series on and epic bike tour, from Minneapolis to Thunder Bay. See part 1 by clicking HERE.

Part of the beauty is in the fact that you are living the good life consisting of eating, riding, and sleeping. While living this life, time seems to slow down after a day or two, giving you time to think and reflect, and concentrate on the task at hand (riding your bike a really long way!).

Day 2 of my trip this past June found Dave and I packing up on a chilly, foggy, and damp June Morning. We had our campsite breakfast consisting of some tasty espresso (thanks to the critical stove top espresso maker), Malto Meal hot cereal, and a peanut butter sandwich. Note that we each at copious amounts of these foods. We then packed up the wet tent and other gear and were on our way by 9AM or so from Banning State Park.

The theme of this day's ride was riding the excellent Willard Munger Trail, which goes from Hinckley to Duluth. The Munger trail is a beautifully paved trail spanning about 80 miles, a gem for sure! After going about 15 miles or so, we were both ravenous, so we resorted to each consuming the staple of any endurance athlete's diet, the king sized Pearson's Salted Nut Roll. After our nut rolls satisfied us, we found our groove, only to be interrupted by an enormous US Army battle helicopter firing at us. Thankfully, Dave used his amazing diplomatic negotiation skills to talk them down, but not before a random staple punctured his tire. So, we hung out below the helicopter to change his flat...

Once we got the flat taken care of, we went on our merry way and rode the rest of the Munger Trail, until the GPS unit told us to take off on what looked like a deer trail up a hill to the side. Trusting in our battle tested GPS unit, we followed it. The deer trail led to a 4-wheeler trail, which led to a 4x4 truck trail, which led to a rough gravel road, which led to a smooth gravel road, which led to rough blacktop, and on... You get the picture. This trail eventually turns into Skyline drive in duluth and is an amazing route to take, albeit a bit slower than the Munger trail and less than ideal for touring bikes with skinny tires. While approaching Duluth, we came upon the amazing rock bridge, near the top of Spirit Mountain where we both took pictures of our "rigs".

Once in Duluth, we made a few brief stops and had a much needed and late lunch at Sir Benedicts, near the Fitger's complex. Of couse after about 95 miles of riding, massive amounts of calories and a tasty beer were enjoyed.

After riding the amazing Scenic Drive between Duluth and Two Harbors, we ended the day with about 120 miles and camped at the Burlington Bay Campground in Two Harbors, on the north side of town. This was a great little campground with beautiful lake side camp sites, which we enjoyed. Affordable with cheap camp fire wood, I'd definitely recommmend this place, especially during the off season (as it was on June 2). As we were setting up camp, the sun was setting, dinner was enjoyed, and sleep got the best of us early.
Stay tuned to www.cyclovaxc.com for parts 3 and 4 of this mini bike touring odyssey...

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