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CyclovaXC Celebrates a 1000 hit month!

Sure, for the major web pages in the universe, a 1,000 hits in a month is nothing. But we know that every journey begins with a single step, and the first 1,000 hits is a launchpad for bigger and better things. Furthermore, we're keeping CyclovaXC as grass roots as possible (the only thing we're investing in right now is the suits) so there are no advertising dollars besides word of mouth (which is free, and the best advertising anyway).

We're actually pretty pleased with how fast this is coming along. The last time I checked, our facebook group was up to 22+ members, and we've had confirmed orders for about 15 Suits. It looks like we're already set to start fielding a pretty solid group this ski season, and once the momentum builds (as it always does when the actual suits show up), more and more people will be jumping on the bandwagon.

Today I was messing around with various features on facebook (if you're a member you really need to get a facebook account, it's just so convenient...but don't put your real birthday on there--it's never a good idea to offer too much personal information for free) and I stumbled across an application called NetworkedBlogs, which seems to allow our blog to automatically update our facebook fan page (not our group which is annoyingly different).


It's just one of about a billion little things we're working on, all of which are extremely frustrating and make you want to go out and split wood for about three and a half hours afterwards to just blow off some steam. Still, when they actually start working (and we get our first 1,000 hit month) that kind of cheers us back up again.

So keep telling your friends about us, and keep checking back in. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter either. Our bi-monthly editions are going to begin around October 1st, so be on the lookout for that! And, as always, THINK SNOW!

Oh, in case you're wondering why our hit counter down in the bottom is way over 1,000, it's because we were generating a certain number of hits before our official launch. That's been accumulating for about 3 or 4 months, but we've had a HUGE surge in interest now that we're officially out there.

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