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Ever since our Epic launch just a few days ago, CyclovaXC has been, without a doubt, the hottest topic of the run, bike, and ski world. Just the other day Lance Armstrong twittered, "Forget Radio Shack...I'm Touring France with CYCLOVAXC next year..and I'm going to Spank that Contador too!" There has even been talk of FIS declaring CyclovaXC a COUNTRY so that we're eligible to compete in the olympics. So for those of you who are still on the fence about whether or not you should be buing a should be leaning towards "whether" (as opposed to "not").

Even Hollywood has gotten involved as can be seen by this public service announcement (I sent this to Mike Colaizy first because he is the original DOMINATOR):

So get off the fence and get with the group!

Frank wanted me to remind everyone that the suits are true to size and that our order should arrive by November. We can take a verbal comitment now (even if you don't have all the money), but we need to get an idea of the sizes we're going to order so...TELL US! These suits are beautiful (you don't HAVE to buy both...we just don't understand why you wouldn't WANT to).

Again, read and reread our Suits for Sale article until you've memorized it! And, in the immortal words of Frank...THINK SNOW!

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