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Member Profile: Abby Boline

Abby Boline, now there's someone who loves being active for the right reasons! Abby loves getting out and training because it make her feel good, is good for health/well being, it's fun, because she doesn't have a TV and needs something for entertainment (other than our daughter and 3 pets), she loves the people she meets while out, and because she enjoys eating after working out (we all do)!

That's right, those are also the best reasons I can think of to work out and I'm lucky enough to call Abby my wife! Even with the "baby factor", Abby still does an amazing job of getting out to enjoy the outdoors and get some training in. In fact, our daughter Ingrid only seems to have made Abby faster. This summer she set a PR for the half marathon.

If you know Abby on the sports side of things, you know that she is very modest. When she says, "I hope to finish today", she really means, "watch out, I'm coming after you". When she says "I've been feeling good lately", she really means, "I'm going to kick your ass and maybe win". She will likely disagree with me on this, but it's true.

Abby has a broad background in the XC skiing and running world, with running being her main passion since the high school days. She has ran 5 marathons including Grandma's, Twin Cities, and Whistlestop and many other shorter distance races. Most of her recent training has been with the Lifetime Fitness training group, but look to see her at some soon to be announced CyclovaXC group runs. Additionally, Abby spent a lot of time skiing in high school, as part of the Cooper High School Ski team, in Crystal, MN. She found her groove in classic skiing and is a very strong skier to date, after picking up the sport again in recent years. Finally, she loves using the bicycle as a practical mode of transportation around the city.

Look to see her on a trail near you sometime soon!

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