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Member Profile: Zulma Liliana Chafloque Diaz de Jonjak

Yup, that's my beautiful wife that all of you will have the privilege of meeting at the end of October when we relocate back to the US. Zulma (it's prononced "Su-lma" not "zoo-lma") has recently taken up running mostly due to the fact that I keep signing us up for half-marathons down here in Lima. At first, like many others, she was a bit skeptical about paying money to go out and run, but after suffering an ankle injury and being forced to miss a 5k, she started to realize how much fun going to, competing in, and completing these events can be.

My long-term sinister plan for Zulma (whose name just keeps getting longer and longer) is to get her on a pair of XC-Skis and to see if we can get some major press for her being the first Peruvian to complete the American Birkebeiner. Actually, I have no idea if any Peruvians have done the Western Hemisphere's best ski race, but I think I'm going to use Zulma's intent as some major press fodder, so I'm not really interested in digging up information about some Previous Peruvian XC skier.

However, since Zulma's never been on snow before (and only ever seen it from a distance), a Birkie completion might be a lot to ask for from the first year, so we'll see. But I know she likes the running events, and I have no doubt she's going to get a kick out of pushing a bike around as well (maybe she can be the first Peruvian to complete the Firehouse 50?).

In terms of cross-training, one of Zulma's major joys is dancing (and believe me you can burn a LOT of calories dancing the way she does). It could be that we'll be getting some dance sessions organized, so stay tuned!

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