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Premature Skiing Thoughts...

Ok everybody, now that we've already got you with skiing on the brain due to our ski suit insistance and our creation out of the very dusts of nothingness this fantastic ski club, I thought it would be nice to just reflect for a few moments on this actual...lets call it an artform of an athletic pursuit.

As I've mentioned before, I've been off the old "glidekickers" for a few years now, pursuing other endeavors like travel, gunfighting for dollars in Thailand...filmmaking, the usual. Actually, when I say filmmaking, that's a big of an overstatement. All I did was get my picture taken topless so that my rippling greasy abs could be superimposed on the flabby stomachs for all the actors of "300." You can have a look at my work in the photo to the right.

Well, the sad truth is that as much as XC-Ski racing is like fending off millions of Persian warriors while dressed only in some straps of leather and a crimson cape, the extra weight doesn't help you much in the Birkebeiner.

It's going to be an interesting transformation in the upcoming months, and as hard as it is to grapple with, in the end I might just have to accept that the kind of results I used to get at 23 are now beyond me.

Then again, I've toyed with the idea of the CyclovaXC team operating in a Phalanx (imagine an enormous ball with razor sharp carbide tips sticking out in every direction) and simply not allowying ANYONE to pass us!

Sigh...but of course people would complain instead of just recognizing that THEY TOO COULD HAVE JOINED THE CLUB...shesh...

I guess we'll just have to revolutionize the sport in a different way...maybe by skiing topless except for a thin sheen of grease with our numbers pinned directly to our chests and CyclovaXC tattooed across our backs....YES!
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