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Suits Available For Sale!

All right everybody, CyclovaXC is officially LAUNCHED, and we're now accepting orders for our two custom designed ski suits "Olive" (on the left) and "Lime" (on the right). These are high quality Teamline race suits from Podium Wear (to find out more about them, click the link). We're offering these suits at $135 and we need to get the orders AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because we need to start production in order to have these available for the coming ski season. Please inform us of your order before Sept 15th (we'll probably order a few more to accomodate stragglers, so don't lose hope all of you who stumbled across this page late...but for those of you who have read this ahead of time...GET ON IT!).

You can either:

1. Use the paypal buttons on the right and left side of this blog to pay with credit card.

2. Send a check (payable to Frank Lundeen) to:

Frank Lundeen
Attn: CyclovaXC
4417 30th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Be sure to include:
1. What Suits you want (Olive or Lime)
2. What Sizes (if you want "long" sizing, be SURE to indicate it clearly)
3. Quantities
4. The Check

For sizing information, see the chart below. If you wish to try on the suit, coordinate with Frank (, podium has sent us some sizing proofs.

We're a very small, friendly outfit here so all sales are final (and we aren't making any money on this). If something absolutely doesn't fit, we might be able to offer an exchange depending on supplies (but make your best effort to size yourself properly).

Also make sure to:

Subscribe to CyclovaXC by Email

So that you know what's going on with the team!

Psssst...if you're a little short on cash right now, but you REALLY WANT TO BE ON OUR TEAM WITH ALL YOUR HEART...get in touch with us by email and we'll try to arrange a way for you to defer your payment for a few months. Or send out this link with hints that your friends should buy this for you as a gift!

We'll be looking forward to seeing all you sharply dressed individuals out on the SNOW!

And for those of you who DON'T want one of our suits...well...we might just have to send out Indy to knock some sense into you:

Subscribe to CyclovaXC by Email

1 comment:

  1. Note that the suits do run true to size and the actual delivery date to Minneapolis (CyclovaXC World Headquarters) will be in early November.

    Thanks everyone for all of your interest!

    Think Snow!
    -Frank L