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Another Awesome Image of our Ski Suits

That's right people, this is the kind of thing the general XC skiing public never gets to see! The BOX arriving! For the most part, customers come into businesses and they only get the finished product. You get the room with everything all polished and neat and ready to entice the consumer into purchase. However, we're just a club here at CyclovaXC so we can offer you this sinister inner peek to the XC skiing world...that being (in this case at least) the arrival of the awesome shipment of our awesome clothing.

The cool thing about this is that this shipment arrived in the Twin Cities on the same day that I and my wife did! Frank got them early in the morning and used his super human self restraint to merely sit in the corner of the room and watch the box filled with undeniable awesomeness (it kind of sat there softly glowing like all objects of great desire). He told me later that it was more difficult than those last two seconds before Christmas morn, and that he felt that same anxiety that he knew back when he was young and innocent and desperate to break into some Christmas present opening carnage.

So...things on the agenda are a big party in which you are required by CyclovaXC law to arrive wearing your suit, and if you don't HAVE a CyclovaXC ski suit you have to wear NOTHING until you DO (we are prepared to be lenient with this law).

Talk to you soon all!
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