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Cross Country Snow Boarding!

With snow falling in early October, a lot of us have been spending a lot of time thinking about snow lately, perhaps too much... Have you been busy defending yourself against angry co-workers that say it's too early for snow (we call them "haters"). Maybe you've been shoveling up every flake of precious snow in your backyard to make a 20 meter loop of skiable snow around your backyard. In any case, both are perfectly reasonable and normal things; we feel your pain!

I'm sure you'll enjoy checking this video out as much as we did. These guys really did their homework in putting this together and nailed a number of the nuances of our beloved sport. Check it out!

While we XC Skiers can spend a lot of time out there roller skiing, running, biking, doing strength training, etc, what do Cross Country Snow Boarders do during the off season? Perhaps they over train their non-dominant leg to avoid the dreaded "scootch leg". What do you think?

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