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The Cyclops 1.1 Hits and Misses

Last week marked the launch of our awesome and soon to be internationally known run-bike-ski newsletter...THE CYCLOPS! However, since it was the world's 1st edition, there were some bugs. Actually, it was nothing too major, but as many of you know, this darned internet thing is a crooked road, and we KNOW there are billions of little neurons firing in the minds of all our readers that probably know a trick or two that neither Frank or I have yet to stumble across. That being the case, don't hesitate to send us your tips!
But enough with preparatory school 5 paragraph theme introductions! Let me get down to the nit and gritty of this article...the thing you clicked on it for with a finger twitching with enthusiasm...without further ado...Cyclops HITS and misses.
HIT: The sheer awesomeness of the the writing, the links, and the stories those links lead to!
HIT: The name which is at the same type stylish and clever. It evokes the name of our club (CyclovaXC) without overwhelming it. Yet the Cyclops itself is not without clout being a mythological creature of significant stature (yet largely underutilized before now...lucky for us!).
HIT: The incredible CyclovaXC header at the top!
HIT: The fact that google allows us to send it for absolutely free thus saving the environment the difficult labor of producing trees, manufacturing them into paper, having that paper delivered to Kinkos so I can go and make 50 copies and send them out in polluting mail trucks to our various ski members.

Wow...I'm all rilled up. The endeavor was even more of a success than I realized until I started chronicling all it's various triumphs...but now...the misses!
miss: WTF Google? When I composed that message there was a nice SINGLE space between each paragraph...but the second I sent it...POW, several paragraphs were all grouped together, while the others retained their spacing. How does crazy stuff like that happen? Who can understand computers?
miss: Way to go Google...no "justify" option on emails? I just hate that jagged little line of text to the right...or perhaps this option exists and I just haven't found it yet (highly probable).
miss: In the Facebook version, the Lance Armstrong link was incorrect (it went to Frank's profile), here's the correct link in case you never found it. In the email version, the "further reason to buy the suit" link (AKA the "Clint Eastwood Link") was incorrect (it went to the "buy our suits article") here's the correct link in case you never found it. Links gonig to the wrong place almost ALWAYS happens and it's the type of thing that makes you want to pull your hair out. I think there's something freaky going on with the "clipboard" feature...as in occasionally the clipboard just doesn't want to do its job...which is weird because it's an inanimate, non-thinking, tool. Nevertheless, sometimes you go "click"..."copy"...and the thing that comes out in "paste" is something you copied a half hour ago. To make matter's worse, frickin' computer guys sit there and look down their nose at you (because computer guys always assume that YOU'RE the moron) and they continually ignore the facts even when this same cut/paste problem happens to THEM (they continue to deny its existence...ZEALOTS)!
Ok, so that's pretty much it. Keep your eye (cyclop joke) peeled for Episode 1.2 which should arrive on some significant day on or about the 15th. Until then....

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