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The Cyclops--Snow Hits the Midwest--Volume 1 Issue 2

Thats right fans and fanatics of the skiing world. Snow hit early, like two months earlier than ever before in the recorded history of the Earth! And do you know WHY the snow has come! Because the creation of CyclovaXC has appeased the Skiing gods and they are rewarding us with a plentiful bounty (love the plentiful bounties...always been a big fan). And what else does this early snow flurry tell us? That's right...we don't have to worry about Global Warming anymore! Hooorayy! So fire up your 12 mpg Hummers and get ready to hit the ski trails!
Ok, Ok, that last comment might have been going too far (but it got your attention didn't it?), however what WASN'T going to far (did you catch the seamless segue?) were the myriad of spectacular articles blossoming upon the CyclovaXC blogger tree (there again with the fertility imagery).
But before I get to that, let me spread the word about what the secret revolutionary run/bike/ski underworld (also known as CyclovaXC), currently has on the plate.
It's been a good month, we're now close to 60 members on our facebook page, and our mailing list is right around 200. For ONE MONTH'S WORK, that's a pretty amazing result, and Frank and I are understandably Psyched. We've obviously tapped into a NEED (somebody's got to FUEL the XC skiing BEAST, if not US...WHO?). As things continue to progress, we promise we'll have some more activities and whatnot for everybody. The first thing that needs to happen for this club to metamorphosize and masticize and achieve its full, inevitable, glorious form is for the suits to arrive. Once CyclovaXC skiiers start seeing each other and recognizing themselves at various's gonna BLOSSOM! Until then, don't hesitate to send pictures, articles, ideas, whatever to myself at for inclusion in our blog. But getting back to the suits, the arrival date is set for late October, and their arrival will warrant a party I'm stay tuned.
OK, enough on to the good stuff, the articles:
I started out with a fun little piece about Roller Skiing and the joys and hardship that befalls one when s/he attempts to duplicate the light, heavenly bountifulness of snow on hard, unyielding, unforgiving concrete. Read about that here!
Frank gave us some practical advice about Running with a Baby and explored the secret and hitherto unknown magical superpowers of the CyclovaXC event calendar.
I responded by going back to the archives of my glory days (AKA, the cobwebby, dusty corners of my brain) and polished off the legendary story of my record setting trip to Ironwood. I then tossed a little recognition my mom's way, always a good thought, and helped to spread the word about the early bird special at Grandma's Marathon.
After my discussion of the Birkie Medal Phenomenon, Frank hit us up with the big news of the month, SNOW IN OCTOBER. He then finished us off with (for the bikers) another in his series of bike touring articles, and (for the skiers), a West Yellowstone spectacular.
That pretty much brings us to the end of the month. Stay tuned, stay in touch, stay in form because the ski season is out there...oh yes, it's lurking behind some bushes ready to leap out and POUNCE, and if you're not careful it might get you. But we at CyclovaXC, we've got TWO pointed sticks, one for each eye of that gnarly we're ready for it. You might even say we're provoking it a little.
Think Snow!

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