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The Cyclops: Volume 1 Edition 1

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to CyclovaXC's bi-monthly newsletter, it's called...The Cyclops! Twice a month, I'm going to give you guys all a quick little review of all the great things we've been doing with CyclovaXC and all that we plan on doing in the future (and I won't be cluttering up your inboxes more than twice a month, so don't fret). In a few days, one of our fantastic artistic members (better known as Cara) is going to produce a drawing or of a Cyclops on skis, it's going to be awesome, however, we don't have "The Cyclopter" ready yet, so we'll just have to make due with the cute guy to the right.

First and foremost, we'd like to offer a sincere thank you to all of you who've pre-ordered your suits. Both of the orders have been officially made to PodiumWear and the "Olive" suit should be available at the end of October, and the "Lime" suit, shortly thereafter. If you STILL haven't put in your order, it's going to get more and more difficult every week, but it's really never too late. For more information as to how to order, check here!

And if you need something further to motivate you, check this out!

For those of you who have already ordered, make sure you send a picture and a brief bio to cyclovaxc@gmail.com for your member profile page. Remember, the whole point of this club is to get to know as many other psycho skiers as you can, so don't be shy...TELL US about yourselves!

Check out my and Frank's bio for an example!

Go ahead and send us your links to your personal web pages or businesses as well, again, mutual promotion is the whole point!

Apart from that, we've had a couple articles you might find interesting. I was looking to generate a little controversy with the following Lance Armstrong Article.

And Frank gave us a fairly detailed two part account of his June Bike adventure: Part I and Part II!

So don't forget to check all these articles out, and if you're still not getting enough CyclovaXC, don't forget to sign up to receive our posts by e-mail (the links for that are all over the main page, you can't miss them)!

Also, check out our facebook group here!

It's up to 37 members, and if you haven't yet started to play around with Facebook, DO IT! It's just too Convenient to not do.

That's more or less it for our first edition. Hopefully as the momentum continues to build, we will have more and more planned events and tremendous news (as well as a cartoon image of a Cyclops reigning terror down upon the Birkie trail). But until then, we bid you a fond farewell.

Think Snow!

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