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CyclovaXC Event Calendar: Making your life easier, really!

The primary goal of CyclovaXC is to help our members have fun with the sports of XC Skiing, Cycling, and Running. Additionally, we certainly hope to build community and to even grow these sports which likely will happen organically if everyone is enjoying themselves and gets their friends out to join us.

With that said, serves as a central hub of information for members and nonmembers alike.

One of the most heavily used features of is our Events Calendar. When we describe our events calendar to people, we describe it as a "Premium Events Calendar". That is, we don't post every event in the region here. Rather, we only post events that our members have attended and would highly recommend, only events that we would recommend to friends and expect them to have a great time and enjoy. Only well run, safe, and generally fun events make it on to this calendar.

So by all means, please get us your feedback on Midwestern Events that you would recommend, regardless of if we've featured the event on our calendar!

The CyclovaXC Events Calendar is done using an amazing technology from Google called Google Calendars. While this just looks like a regular calendar, there is a ton of amazing functionality that is super easy to use with this service. Check it out:
  • The calendars are printable. You can print out any screen by month, week, or even a particular event. No more need to write out things in a notebook! Just visit instead!
  • As part of the Google empire, our events calendar shows you exactly where each event is held using Google Earth technology. View the map, print out directions to the event, etc. Do it all from!
  • If you have a Gmail, Google, or Blogger account, you can create a google calendar for your own personal life. If you haven't already, it is something that you should think about. Once you have your own Google Calendar set up, you can upload events from the CyclovaXC Google Calendar to your own by viewing an event and clicking on "copy to my calendar".
  • For a growing number of events, has "Event Feature" articles, detailing our experiences and offering tips for particular events. If you look at these events on our Event Calendar, there are links to these Event Feature articles.
  • For our the XC Ski Events on our calendar, we also will have a link to the National Weather Service Point Forecast for the actual race venue (rather than a near by town). This is widely regarded as the most advanced forecasting technology available and is what is used by the major ski wax companies in creating their official wax tips.
There you have it, the CyclovaXC Events Calendar. We think it's pretty cool and will make the lives easier of Midwestern Silent Sports Enthusiasts. Let us know what you think and how it can be improved. Most importantly, let us know about your favorite events, so we can add your thoughts on the event to our calendar!

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