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CyclovaXC Ski Suit Professionally Modelled

Honestly, it's late tonight and I spent the evening having a few beers instead of doing my homework and getting a couple good CyclovaXC articles ready for your reading enjoyment. However, even as the moments ticked by throughout the evening, I wasn't all that tortured by the fact that I didn't have anything prepared, because I knew that I had this magnificent picture of little Ingrid modelling our ski suit up my sleeve to pull out at a moment's notice to undoubted universal acclaim. Yup, somehow I doubt we'll have anyone looking better than her sporting our CyclovaXC apparel...but that doesn't mean the rest of us should stop trying! Practice makes perfect, that's what I always say...and you can try for the Ingrid look by ordering some triple XL...but they're on backorder right now so we'll have to wait with anticipation for your pictures!
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