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Event Feature: Reindeer Run, Minneapolis

The Reindeer Run has grown to become a tradition for thousands of runners and holiday lovers in the Twin Cities. Being a veteran of this event, I'd say it's part fun run, part costume party, part running race, and part singing contest (yes, part singing contest, you'll hear a lot of folks frolicking along singing if you take your time in this event). While there are a hundred or so people that actually race this USA Track & Field Certified 5k run, a couple thousand or so stroll their way around beautiful Lake Harriet and enjoy each others company and costumes.

Part of a series promoted by Lifetime Fitness and operated by a company called "On The Run!", this is a very well run event. All of the details are very much dialed in. As this race is in early December, it is often cold. There are huge heated tents at the start/finish area with all kinds of tasty snacks, warm drinks, etc. Considering how much is put into this race, the entry fee of $25 is actually very reasonable compared to many other events.

What is the one thing you'll also find at every single endurance event, such that you can't really call it an endurance event without? Endless rows of blue Porta-Potties of course! I digress, but doesn't it seem that no matter how many porta-potties there are at the start of a race, it is still like a 15 minute wait to go to the bathroom? Crazy...

Back on topic now... This run starts and finishes at the Lake Harriet Band Shell in South Minneapolis and does the full lap around the lake. Runners do enjoy a close course all the way around the lake, which is a nice added bonus!

In terms of a fun run to do, possibly with a group, I'd give this event 5 out of 5 stars. If you're looking to set a 5k PR though, look elsewhere as it will be difficult with this many people. Click HERE for the official event website.

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