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Member Profile: Marva Sahs

Here's our member Marva Sahs in front of the nifty Birkebeiner Bib she gets for having done 20 Birkies. Completing 20 Birkies is a pretty impressive achievement when you think about it, in fact, it's almost as impressive as Marva's other great achivement in birth to that handsome guy over there to the left! That's right, Marva's my mom! So the next time you see her, give her a pat on the back (she's earned it).

The Birchlegging's club is a pretty neat idea since it represents the core of what Cross-Country skiing is about. This is a LIFE sport (anything you can dedicate 20 years to is a pretty large percentage of your life). And let me tell you something else, cross-country skiing is the fountain of youth (my mom can still rip the arms off a black bear).
So, when you get a chance, check out the Birchlegging's web page. This is a goal that all of us should be shooting for, and we should make sure to honor those who have already achived it!

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