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Member Profile: Owen Theole

An Intro to Owen:

When: March 2008
Where/What: At the "Mustache Ride", the International Festival of Mustaches and World Championship Bike Race for People With Mustaches (real or fake). Half way across Lake Harriet in Minneapolis in a race for a bottle of whiskey...
And the story goes: After the chaos at the start of the Mustache Ride (fake mustaches flying through the air, beer cans falling from bottle cages, full on tackles, etc) we were finally off. A handful of people made it through the start chaos clean including Owen and Frank. We were racing at 100% effort to a man standing in the middle of the lake, who we thought represented the finish line. While there was minimal snow on the lake, there were still occasional drifts that you couldn't see which our bikes would almost "endo" info as we tried to roll through them (we had to do a 'cross dismount and run through most of them). Owen surged as we approached the man of mystery in the middle of the lake, lured by the thought of quality whiskey. As we sprinted for the man, Owen surged and pulled ahead of Frank. We were both surprised to find out that this was just a random guy standing in the middle of the lake and the joke really was on us. We were only half way done with this race and had to race all the way across the lake as we noticed the official finish line.

Discouraged and entirely hypoxic, Frank took off seizing the opportunity to gap Owen. With 200 meters to go and the bottle of whiskey in sight Frank thought he had this race wrapped up and began planning his victory salute. The #1 rule of bike racing is to never think about the win until you cross the line - it bit me in the ass once again as Owen sprinted by me only meters before the line. We collapsed in steaming heaps into the snow and agreed that this 5 minute race through snow drifts across a lake was the toughest race we had done in years.

As the rest of the mustaches finished, we were able to stand up and Owen cracked open his sweet prize. The champion he is, he passed the bottle around and around until it was gone and everyone was warmed up. This my friend is cycling's greatest prize and will go down in history as one of the great stories of both CyclovaXC and the Category 6 Race Squad!

Bio: If you find yourself in a bike race riding with Dr. Owen, pat yourself on the bike because it means that you're flying! Owen can commonly be found at weekend bike races, riding around the Twin Cities Metro area, and enjoying the world through the sports of cycling and skiing.
Owen started mountain biking back in college, and then started MTB racing in 2001. He was hooked then and picked up road biking to mix it up and get some longer road miles in. While Owen loves biking, he still stands firm on his favorite outdoor activity being downhill skiing on a good powder day.

He started XC skiing 2 years ago and is getting more into it year by year. Owen did the 2009 Birkie for the first time and this year is looking forward to starting in Wave 5. Sadly, that Wave 5 start will have to wait for 2011, as Owen will be out of town on Birkie weekend this year.

The Spring of 2009 presented a significant hurdle to Owen as he broke his leg. While he recovered quickly and was back in the saddle quickly, he is still working hard on recovering from this setback.
Owen enjoys living an active lifestyle with his wife Kate "because it's fun and allows you to eat whatever you want, plus you get to see some beautiful areas. I especially love being able to ski comfortably in light clothes when it's zero degrees out and everyone else is doing everything they can to avoid being outside."

Welcome to CyclovaXC Owen! We're thrilled to have you!

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