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Member Profile: Troy Reine

Boy toy Troy had it all. He could go from running 10 miles a week to 100 like a bear in a spacesuit. He could eat 20 popsicles in one sitting followed by a large bowl of buttered popcorn and call it dinner. He owned nearly 6 complete leisure suits and let his friends wear them. Nothing has been the same since. His girlfriend made him get rid of the leisure suits and said he needed to do something more than running. That's how Troy got hooked up with CyclovaXC.

Troy is excited about competing and training with CyclovaXC even though he has not competitively skied since high school. However, he does still linger the high school grounds as a three-season running and skiing coach. Troy still runs competitively and just set his all-time fastest marathon time at 2:42:34. He is hoping to crush this record when he runs the Boston Marathon in April 2010. Hopefully CyclovaXC will motivate him to get out and train through the winter. Besides running and skiing, Troy enjoys watching everything that the Bravo channel has to offer...although, he says it's because his girlfriend makes him watch it.

Troy's background is mainly long-distance running. He had to take a hiatus from training and
racing in the spring of 1999 due to contracting a deadly form of meningitis called meningococcal sepsis. After waking up from an 8-day nap, also known as a coma, Troy took the rest of 1999 and the early part of 2000 to regain his strength and to teach himself how to use his legs again. In 2001-2002, Troy set 7 school track records at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. After graduation, Troy went on to place 8th in the Milwaukee Marathon (2006) and 2nd in the Whistlestop Marathon (2009). Troy has also run Grandma's and the Boston Marathon in 2007. He has dealt with injuries for the past 2 years due to compulsive over training and hopes that skiing will help him stay injury-free...but his competitive side may make him want to jump into a few races. Troy is excited about meeting other outdoor enthusiasts like himself.

The content was written and compiled by his amazing girlfriend, Amee (who runs the slowest mile time known to man but still has amazing form) and the Columbus Running Company in Ohio (Troy was the store manager in 2004-2005).

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1 comment:

  1. Frank,
    About your profiled Troy Reine; I have a bunch of Minneapolis relatives named Reine... We could be related. Do you think you could connect us?
    Cheers, -j