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October Snow in Minnesota?

As previously discussed on CyclovaXC.com, "The winter of CyclovaXC" has begun! On Saturday morning when I awoke, I looked out the window and grinned ear to ear. When my daughter awoke, she squealed with delight!

Yes, everything was buried in a fluffy inch or so of snow here in Minneapolis! The best part is that there is actually a significant snow event likely to hit today (Columbus Day).

On Saturday morning, we woke up and went out to frolic in the snow at the local Lake Hiawatha Park. Today on Columbus Day, I hope to get out for an early morning ski!

In last week's official CyclovaXC Winter Forecast For the Upper Midwest, we focused on November through March weather, but said little of October. As you might guess, October Snow is actually quite rare in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota Climatology Working Group, the last time we had measurable snow in the Twin Cities during October was October 21, 2002. Saturday's snow fall was only the 9th time in the past 60 years when the southern half of Minnesota received measurable snow fall during the first half of October!

In other parts of the country, early snow has also been falling. Places such as Bend, West Yellowstone, and the High Mountains of Colorado have also received early snow this year. What does all of this mean? It means it's time to dust off those skis, get them stoneground and ready to go, and get your snow shoveling muscles ready to go! We're in for a real Winter!

Think Snow and Enjoy!

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