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Running with a Baby

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that having a baby come into the life of your family is an amazing, wonderful, rewarding, and immensely exciting thing. With that said, one's priorities are totally resorted - rightfully so. Gone are the days of driving 4 hours because you heard rumors fourth hand that there was snow somewhere - sigh...

In any case, as my wife Abby and I quickly discovered after having our daughter, Mommy and Daddy need to take care of them selves and stay active. We've tried all kinds of approaches to this like sending one of us out on a workout while the other stays home with our daughter. Or you could try the classic go to the gym, leave the child at the day care center (at the gym), and get about 10 minutes into your workout only to be paged back to the day care center with an inconsolable child.

Yes, we've found that one of the best ways for us to both get out there and maintain our "Nordic" features is to workout together, with baby. This is usually in the form of running. Our BOB Revolution Stroller has been without question the most frequently used piece of sporting equipment of ours over the past 18 months! This thing is great, for running, works well for walking around town, or going through the grocery store.

Getting out on a run with my wife and daughter along in the stroller is without questions one of my favorite workouts, and one we try to do as often as possible. This way we avoid the jealousy of the other person going out on their own :) , and get to spend some great time all together. Our daughter is liking her time in the stroller more and more as she gets older as well.

-Baby, I recall seeing parents running with their kids in a stroller, amazed at how fast they were going and thinking they were crazy. While it does slow you down a bit, the strollers do roll surprisingly well.

One of my most memorable running workouts was while training for the Twin Cities Marathon last year. I was doing a tough hill repeat workout on the local "Ford Parkway Lock & Dam Hill" and about half way through my repetitions a local High School Cross Country Team showed up to do the same thing. I was keeping a constant threshold pace going on each repeat and feeling strong. After a few repeats, I happened to be running with the lead group of high school boys and their coach. I head a few of them talking about the "old guy pushing the baby" a few times, which further motivated me. After a few more repeats, a few people commented to me on how fast I was going with the stroller. I didn't tell them that it wasn't slowing me down very much, but it sure was satisfying to know I could still run with the fast guys!

I'll leave you with the key to keeping a baby happy in the stroller: Lots of food (usually a "snack trap" full of cereal), water, and a few toys. Here's to being fit and raising a healthy / active family!

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