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The Suits Have Arrived!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is correct! The suits have arrived and they look awesome! They even look great on a fat ass like myself. Frank on the other hand is always an Adonis, so you can look at him as a model for how you wished you looked in our suit (and how you WILL soon look if you do the crazy training with us that we are known to do). Also featured in this photo is Frank's lovely daughter Ingrid who has also been known to style a CyclovaXC ski suit on occasion, albiet a slightly oversized version, at least for her!

Having these suits be here upon my arrival to the US (after many a fierce battle with immigration officers, Mikey Mouse, and airline stewardesses) was just an added joy. I spent the whole night sprinting through the streets of Minneapolis wearing my CyclovaXC duds much to the joy of all the 2AM street dwellers who were looking for a few coins or cheap hamburgers (I burned probably 1,500 calories). And the fact that they (the suits) surpassed my lofty expectations as to their true realized greatness was just a bonus.

So, those of you who have pre-ordered, we're going to get you your suits soon. For the rest of you who wish you had pre-ordered, get in touch because I ordered some extras! But hurry, items as beautiful as these suits don't last forever (and you WILL look better than I do in that suit...but not as good as Frank).
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