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Where Do you Keep Your Birkie Medal?

We all have one of these right? A birkie medal from years and years ago with a bunch of little pins running up the corner. Mine's at my mom's house up in Spooner, a mere thirty minute drive from the great trail itself.

The thing that's great about your Birkie medal is that it's a little reminder of history. At a glance you've got every one of your great races immortalized. When I look at mine, I'm frankly shocked that I didn't do more. I'm also a little suspicious because (being quite familiar with my personality) I might have thrown a couple of my pins into the garbage due to not being completely satisfied with how the race went.

I suppose the concept of throwing away a Birkie pin is abhorent (as it should be) to most, but I think it's justifiable in at least one or two instances. For example, I remember that all the skiers were awarded a pin back in that year the race was cancelled. I got mine...but I just didn't feel right about counting that as one of my "official" birkies. I mean, after all, this whole "birkie count" thing is in pursuit of joining the birchleggings club isn't it? I would just feel cheap about being allowed to wear that special bib if deep down I knew I had only skied 19 birkies!

But still, according to my medal ribbon, I've only done 7 and that still seems kind of short. I wonder if I might have been frustrated with my last Birkie and not put my pin up in its proper place. Is there an online source where I can go and check this?

Then again, including the cancelled Birkie, I have 8 accounted for, so maybe that is right.

As you can also see, I have a couple Kangaroo Hoppet pins on my ribbon as well. For now, that's a good place for them, but as my Birkie pins continue to accumulate, I'll have to find another place for them...maybe on one of my Grandma's marathon ribbons.

Honestly, I wish more races would switch to this mega-medal/pin combo! It's just another one of those classy things that makes the Birkie the best!

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