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Chewbacca on the Balance Board

Well, the story here is that my mom bought a balance board the other day. Apparently this was a toy that she used to play on back in the day and which is now used primarilly for rehabilitation. The balance board consists of a platform on which you stand and a couple different items for the bottom to make the act of balancing different. One of these items for the bottom is a cylinder, and you'd be surprised how frickin' hard it is to balance on that damn platform with the cylinder beneath you. You'd also be surprised that anybody would suggest using this for rehabilitation, because you actually start gathering speed pretty quickly and I think that if you, for example, busted an ACL (and that's what landed you in rehab in the first place) you could quite easily bust it again on this damn board.

Not being one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to practice on the balance board until I could do it, with the added difficulty of wearing a movie quality Chewbacca mask!

I'm actually fairly sure that I'll be wearing that Chewbacca mask at all the ski races I do this year as well as the birkie, so stay tuned!

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