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Cyclova XC's Facebook Group Exceeds 80 Members!

While Cyclova XC isn't in the business of advertising for various social media, it does play a significant role in terms of our communications with members and non-members alike. Yes, the wonders of technology have allowed us to do many cool things already - and this is only the beginning!

In the short 2 month time span since Cyclova XC launched our Facebook Group on September 10th, we have amassed an army of over 80 group members. These 80+ folks from across the globe know that Cyclova XC's Facebook Group is a great way to keep in touch with fellow friends, cyclists, xc skiers, and runners!

There are posts every single day on our Facebook Group page as well as new members joining literally every single day. Next time you're logged into Facebook, check out some of the members of our group. You're sure to see a bunch of folks you know as well as some of the Endurance Sport World's better known personalities.

The Facebook Group discussion board essentially functions as a message board and is a great way to quickly get in touch with anyone who views our Facebook page. If you're looking for a group workout, need a ride to a coming race, or want to get some friendly trash talk going, this is the place!

Conveniently, you can access our Facebook Group directly from the CyclovaXC.com homepage. Simply click on "FaceBook Group" on the right side of our main menu!

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