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Don't Buy New Ski Poles on Black Friday...USE the JUNK!

There you go! There's a piece of road worn, destroyed ski poles! The STRAPS don't even match! You see, that's the way it should BE when you're rollerskiing (although I'm the only one who thinks this apparently since everyone else tends to have nice stuff).

I think cost is a main reason people stop doing certain sports, or that they don't take them up in the first place, but skiing can be really inexpensive if you start putting your stuff on a rotation. I suppose it's just a matter of not worrying about keeping up with the Joneses.

Actually, now that I mention that...whoa...I think that's a whole can of worms to just start ranting on like a maniac. You see, having just moved back to the US from Peru I can't help but have a fairly unique perspective on things...especially since we've come here right smack dab in the center of the holiday buying season.

I slipped the phrase "Black Friday" into the title of this article because I thought it would grab me a few free search engine hits, but now that I've managed to somehow magically segue to it from ski poles no less (that's pulitzer material right there) let me just say a few words about this idiotic phenomenon. First of all, you do know where the phrase "Black Friday" comes from don't you? It's an INDUSTRY term...it's the day that Commercial retailers get back in the black.

So, for those of you who are a little dim, let's just apply this to the whole predator/prey concept. In terms of retail sale, commercial stores are the predators and consumers are the prey. That being the case, it's absolutely supidly ridiculous that consumers are running around all excited about "Black Friday," when the whole frickin' DAY is about taking money away from the customer!

Are you stupid?

I suppose there are some people out there doing their rollerskiing on the same $600 race quality poles that the US national team uses at the olympics (they're called people who have "sponosors" and "idiots"). You should go ahead and wear that trashy gear! As long as you've got some sort of CyclovaXC logo on you somewhere, you're golden!

Oh, and by the way, here's another "Black Friday" trick...if you think you're getting something for a 40% discount, it's only because they just marked up the price tag 80% five minutes before. Don't go Sale tag happy, I only give hugs for Xmas (and CyclovaXC gear, I condone that as well). But rollerski on your junk, the road is not as forgiving as the snow and it's seriously AMAGING how many hours you can squeeze out of that old stuff.

Happy black friday! The Jonses are WAAAAAYAYYYYYY behind!!!

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