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Happy Thanksgiving...Don't Forget your Blaze Orange When Rollerskiing!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! There's nothing like the holiday seasons to ruin your diet and get you to gorge yourself on various pies, cookies, turkeys, turduckens and whatnot. Yessir, if it weren't for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm sure I would have been a good five to ten pounds lighter for every single one of my birkies. There's nothing worse than that feeling of having sat around all day and eaten way too much and having watched way too much football. The worst thing about it is that you don't actually realize how much damage you're doing to yourself at the time. You just sit there quietly munching away, quietly watching TV until you finally stand up about six hours later with a pot belly and a swooning head with red, puffy, bloodshot eyes, and you think, "damn...I wish I'd done a rollerski this morning."

That too presents some problems, however, since as everybody knows Thanksgiving lines up with hunting season and you've got to be pretty careful about walking around in the country (or even close to the country) with all the trigger happy riflemen about. Now in all reality, by the time you get to Thursday, most of the initial "sound shots" taken on opening day have died away by an appreciable percentage, but you can never be too careful.

That said, I would recommend that you NOT go skiing in your deerskin brown top. Instead, find some kind of swath of blaze orange and have at it. Actually, I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea to have a blaze orange with camo version of the CyclovaXC ski suit. There's no reason we have to follow European trends here in the midwest! When they come over from Norway, Spain, etc., let's let them know who they're competing with!

But seriously, don't forget the blaze orange...we wouldn't want you lose you (and potentially gut and eat you) before ski season even starts!

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