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It's Party Time--They Cyclops--Vol. 1 Issue 4

Frank and I were just reflecting that it's past time for us to get some rip-roaring CyclovaXC event on the Calendar. So we put our heads together and decided that the date for our inaugural CyclovaXC bash will be Saturday, December 5th. In terms of venues, we agreed that the Sawmill Saloon in Seeley is a good location near as it is to the Birkie trail (and having itself been the source of many parties for which Frank and I have been involved).
Ideally, CyclovaXC members can head up to the Hayward area, do some rollerskiing at around 1 or so, and then start trickling into the Sawmill at around 5 for drinks and food (yer buyin' yer own...it's cheap don't worry). If any of you want to play some drinking games, I'm all for it (I guarantee that there's nobody on this club who can out drink me...it's not an idle boast, it's fact, and if you think I'm wrong...we'll I guess I'll be seeing your skinny ass at the Sawmill at 5 on December 5th now won't I?).
We'll have more information for you as the date approaches, but we just wanted you to break out your sharpie and make a little note on your blackberry calendar...once again:
December 5th
5:00 PM
Sawmill Saloon
(it might be prudent to make some sleeping arrangements for the night of the 5th...I know that I can go shot for shot with three or four of you lightweights and still be good to drive, but all I've got to do is breathe hard on Tom Krenz after a half beer and he's out like a light so...).
So there you have it, the party's in the books! But that's hardly all that's been going on with CyclovaXC! Let me give you the rundown:
Right off the bat I hit a home run with a reflection on how XC skiing not only makes you an Adonis, but it also instills you with a somehow irresistible urge to trot the globe. Seriously, I'm sure that if all of us sat back and reflected on the peripheral influence XC skiing has had on our lives, we'd all be a little freaked out (pleasantly of course). Frank followed that up with a member profile of the man, the myth, the legend...Neal Lundeen. And he then had a few words for the single speed bicycle enthusiasts. Some tips for roller skiing down hills followed (read it, your knees will thank you). And then he chirped in on the debate about bicycling in auto traffic. I finally came out from beneath the rock I was hiding under to do a member profile on a horse who just joined our team (and I don't mean that figuratively...although I do know a lot of guys on our team are known as "the horse" in some circles). And something about my previous article got me reflecting on bathrooms (probably the quality of the writing) so I wrote a treatise on how to maximize your bathroom time at races. This I followed up with some more super solid advice about training with beer. And then Frank finally stole back the floor with an article about the Buck rut run. He finished off this edition of the Cyclops with another one of his famous Ski Tech articles which is guaranteed to help you pick up your pace with ZERO additional effort (or at least, cut down on untidiness). And as a coda, we were happy to announce that we just hit 80 members on Facebook.
So that's it! The game is afoot, and we'll be seeing you at the Sawmill on the 5th...until then...THINK SNOW!

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