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The Last Days of Autumn

Well, obviously this picture was taken right in the middle of autumn. From what I heard, Autumn started out pretty wet and miserable this year. Lots of drizzling rain and colder than normal temperatures. Hearing people complain about that sort of got me thinking. Even though we divide up the year into 4 distinctive seasons, you could really divide those seasons up another three or four times as well. Early autumn is just when you start to feel that little bite in the air and you start getting the color in the trees. Mid autumn is wet and horrible, and late autumn...well, late autumn is kind of a wild card.

Of course, we've reached late autumn right now, and if you didn't know it already, this is prime training season. Frank wrote an article back in October on the joys of fall bicycle riding, and late autumn is great too although with a slightly different flavor. The air is a little sharper now and most of the leaves are gone. In fact, it's as if the whole North country is holding its breath and just waiting for the snow to come (thus, there is an element of chance as to how much longer late autumn will last).

The other thing about fall training is how relaxed it is. I think that's because there is a definate lull in the race season this time of year. Summer and spring are packed with bicycle and running events, and winter is filled with skiing, but autumn doesn't have as much. Seriously with the proliferation of awesome bike trails out there, somebody (maybe cyclovaXC) should really get a nice...chill (so you don't get too serious and break a collarbone before the snow)...rollerski race circuit going (we'll talk it over...maybe for next year...although I read something about a "limestone loppet" in Silent Sports, details anyone?).

However, there is a certain amount of pressure in that you have to get your training in NOW and for several reasons. One is that this is the last good push before the snow flies. And the other is that once the snow does come, there is always about a two week lapse in which the rollerskiing turns ugly (you don't like to go out on snow or ice covered roads) and which the trails become skiable (and you can only do so many K on golf courses).

So get your hours in! And make sure you're good and exhausted so that you can party without guilt (yes, I spelled that wrong--"pary" instead of "party"--like an idiot on the email I sent out) on the 5th of December!

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