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Master Skier Magazine gets a face lift

As a Contributing Editor for Master Skier Magazine, I received a heads up in August that the magazine was going to be changing formats. Master Skier Magazine has been the journal of XC Ski Racing for the US, Canada, and beyond. For as long as I can remember, there has been 3 issues per winter in a newspaper/magazine type format. It never was glitzy, rather it was the content that kept it readership and advertisers coming back for more.

For the '09-'10 ski season, Master Skier Magazine got a total rework and face lift! No more 3 copies per season. Rather, there is one massive issue that is 74 pages in length with a wealth of articles on everything from "The Fine Art of Brushing" (by yours truly) to a wealth of articles on the coming Winter Olympic Games.

The glossy pages of the new Master Skier Magazine, with the author's article in the upper left.

The finish of the magazine also got a major face lift. Gone are the days of news paper quality stock, hello high quality glossy pages!

According to Publisher Bob Gregg, “The Master Skier will be upgraded to a premium, perfect bound annual edition with a dramatic modular design… The new design will have a hard, glossy cover and interior pages of comparable excellence. It will be the finest publication in the business. People will read it and proudly leave it on their coffee tables for others to read,” explained Gregg. “Best of all, we will be reaching 65,000 readers through additional newsstand, Olympic and counter distribution.”

There you have it, the new Master Skier Magazine will live on my coffee table for the duration of this winter and beyond. In fact, you can see that it looks quite nice on my table either with a coffee or beer as a companion!
Master Skier Magazine with Coffee . . . Master Skier Magazine with Beer

Now go get yourself a copy and get your read on!

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