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Member Profile: Arne Lagus

Growing up in northern Wisconsin I was lucky enough to have a doctor that understood the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle, a doctor that supported my efforts to be an athlete and push my body to perform. This doctor that served me so well was Dr. Arne Lagus! Dr Lagus still practices in St. Croix Falls, WI (as well as at other remote clinics) and finds time to chase snow around the globe. We're thrilled to have him as part of the CyclovaXC Squad. Welcome Arne! Following is a history on Arne's skiing career and some exciting things he's looking forward to...

I started to ski XC in 1972 watching the Sapporo Olympics at the Trade Lake Lutheran Church field where my father in law S.Ed Lind was the pastor at Zion Lutheran. I skied my first Birkie in 1978 at age 39 and have skied every one since then (8 of them classic and 23 skating). 30 of these Birkies were part of the World Loppet Series (1979 to 2009).

Being part of the World Loppet circuit is something that I've passionately pursued. Having done 30 Birkies is a great start. Additionally, I've skied 24 other races in 14 different countries. After the '08-'09 ski season, my total World Loppet Race count is at 50! A few recent World Loppet highlights include the Norwegian Birkie Rennet [My 3rd], the Merino Muster 1/2 marathon in New Zealand, Kangaroo Hoppet marathon in Australia, and the 2009 Poland race (49k Classic).

My plan for the '09-'10 season is to ski my third Tartu Marathon 63km classic in Estonia, the country of my birth, and where our family came here 1949 when I was 10 years old. Next will be the Finlandia Hiihto 50km classic and 50km skate. This will complete my third WL Gold!

I hope that I have a few more years of successful skiing. I may not be fast but usually cross the finish line. The exception would be the 2007 Swedish Vassaloppet where someone broke one of my sticks and with delay in getting another one didn't make the second cut toff. Sadly, I was hauled off the trail in a bus. All in all, I have been very lucky to stay healthy and had the opportunity to travel with my wife of 46 years to all these venues.

Good training and Skiing to ALL! We will see you on the trails.

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