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Member Profile: Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace is another veteran skier who has joined CyclovaXC pretty much due to the sheer awesomeness factor of the ski suit (of course). He can be seen here heading out for a rollerskiing training session, and, to my knowledge, he's the first guy to begin using the ski suit on an almost daily basis for his training. He wears only CyclovaXC colors for running, for rollerskiing, for bicycling...basically anything that requires him to work up a sweat, he's ON it! And men and women, THAT'S the way it's got to be!

One of these years, I think Chris and I will apply to be the "Norse" guys who ski the birkie...You've probably seen them, there the guys who strap tree trunks to their feet and deck themselves out in era specific gear and trudge the whole length of the birkie course in a superhuman effort that is probably beyond the comprehension of most mere mortals. That's the type of event that Chris is built for. Me, not so much, but hey...that doesn't mean I'm not still up for it!

If you have any connections with the Birkie office, make it happen, you all know how to reach me!

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