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Member Profile: Heidi the Horse

Yeah, there are a lot of ski teams out there that don't ALLOW animals, but here at CyclovaXC we are against such species prejudice. As you can see, Heidi the horse is one of our proud members, and you can expect to see her powering up the trails with the force horsepower.

Along with Heidi's membership dues, we received the following message written by her human servant:

Heidi: horse/ extreme athlete/vegetarian(except for an occasional inadvertently eaten bug /great diagonal stride/can power up the hills/ has beautiful eyes/ personality+ /can she join?/ is trying to figure out how to wear the awesome suit?

Odd the touch of insecurity at the bottom of that little introduction, well, we'll have to erase that with a wonderful CyclovaXC welcome and a feed bucket of horse beer!

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1 comment:

  1. I think it is great that you do not discriminate against animals. Heidi looks great in her shirt.