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Let's face it: Each of us has someone who we can credit for getting us into the amazing world of "Cyclova XC" sports (xc skiing, biking, and running for you non-regulars). For me, a few of those people can be found right here, on the Cyclova XC squad.

With that said, I credit Cyclova XC member Neal Lundeen, (also my father), for many great things, particularly for instilling the value of living an active lifestyle as something very close to my heart. While I may not be gunning for the coming Olympic Games, rubbing elbows in "The Tour", or crossing the line in first at any marathons, being active is one of the most important things in my life! My dad, Neal is the same way. If he's not out there skiing, riding, or running, he's likely busy planning his next race something of this sort.

Frank Lundeen (author) and his father Neal Lundeen on a camping trip a few years back

I recall when I was in Grade School, Dad and I started running together for exercise. I started running track at the time. Then we started riding bike together for fun and to mix it up - I then started doing some bike events. Finally, after many long Wisconsin winters we started skiing together as a way to stay fit during winter - I then started ski racing. And so the story goes from there.

While I haven't been counting, it's safe to say that few silent sports enthusiasts do more events than Neal (my Dad) and his lady Marva. Most weekends, they can be found lining up, putting the game face on, giving it their all, and often bringing home "the hardware". Neal realizes that exercise leads to fitness, which leads to being hungry, which leads to eating lots of good food, which leads to health, which leads to good times, which leads to the fountain of youth. A machinist by trade, it's no secret he'd rather be outdoors and enjoying a workout.

Welcome to Cyclova XC Neal! We like the way you operate!

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