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Old School Birkie Pictures

This is an odd birkie start shot in that it represents the photographer breaking the first rule of taking pictures of people at a marathon event...that being...you don't take pictures with TWO or THREE people in it because the chances are that those people DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER and they're not going to want to BUY a photo of themselves with a bunch of random people!


I happen to know ALL of those people in the photo with me, so this was a no brainer!

The guy on the right is the infamous (as I like to call him) Randy Larson, who has been training the next generation of skiiers up in Spooner for as long as I can remember. He's also a great chiropracter, so if you're in the area, give him a call.

Next to him is John Waggoner (actually I'm not sure how to spell his last name)...great guy, used to see him training on the birkie trail all the time. He's son's a great skier too, CJ I think is his name (remember I've been out of the loop for 10 years, I'm looking deep into the fog). I remember when CJ used to come flying by me as I skied up to the top of the great divide or whatever, and he was like 10 years old, amazing!

Next is me, and beside me is this guy that crashed spectacularly in front of me earlier in the year at the Pepsi challenge. Just because of that, I kind of found myself (kind of unfairly) not liking the guy, so my first thought as he came to stand next to me was along the lines of, "great, I hope this guy doesn't fall down in front of me and ruin my race before it starts."

But, when the photographer came along and started shooting pictures and the "falling down" guy leaned over to get in on the shot, I couldn't help but laugh at the thought that the moment would be immortalized forever.

So there you have it, the hazards of taking random Birkie start pictures could not be more clearly explained.

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