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Pinch Me!

That's right! Pinch me! Is this snow actually for real?
That's right folks, the snow is for real in Montana! The below image was taken by Isaac Larson on Wednesday, 26 November at the end of the Windy Ridge Trail on the Rendezvous Trails in West Yellowstone, MT. The skiing here in West Yellowstone continues to be unbelievable. I've been out here for 10 of the past 11 Fall Camps and this is arguably the best snow I've ever seen out here during the Fall Camp week!
About 2 feet of snow fell in mid November and there have been a few minor snow falls to freshen up things since. We've been enjoying beautiful packed powder conditions now all week and the trails are holding up very well despite thousands of skiers using the trails.
The weather has been ideal with lows of about 10'F overnight with day time highs of 35'F or so. Essentially you're skiing in nice warm conditions on beautiful cold powder. Certainly great for classic skiing and also ideal for skating!
If you're not fortunate enough to be out here, enjoy this picture and take comfort in the fact that the snow will be flying soon in the Midwest!
Thanks again to Isaac for this great image!

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