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Pre Supertour Race thoughts...

As I prep for my race debut of the xc ski season, I find myself with butterflies in my stomach that I haven't felt in years. Am I crazy? I haven't raced in 4 years and my first races of the season will be the Supertour 15k Skate and 10k Classic at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival. I keep on telling myself that this will be the best possible way to get myself in shape for the later races, so I hope that is the case!

While the Supertour series routinely draws the nation's fastest skiers, this year's Supertour series promises to draw far more competition as these races literally are the selection races for the US and Canadian Olympic teams. The stakes are high for these folks and they mean business!

Perhaps this one of the beauties of XC Skiing. I, a former self proclaimed "Professional Ametuer Athlete can line up next to the superstars of the sport. Everyone will leave it all on the course and move on to what life serves up next. For the Superstars that will grace our Olympic team, they will follow the circut to the next race venue and prep for their next opportunity. For me, I eagerly look forward to getting back home to my amazing family!

The Rendezvous Trails in West Yellowstone in perfect condition. Photo Credit: Isaac Larson

In any case, as usual, it's been a great time out here at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival! The snow has been amazing, the Turkey Dinner was great, and it's a homecoming of sorts for many of us!

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