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The Ski Suits are IN!--The Cyclops--Vol. 1 Issue 3

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the Cyclops! It's been an eventful couple of weeks for everybody in the XC world, but especially for those of us in the best run/bike/ski club in the entire known (or unknown) universe (I'm referring to CyclovaXC in case some of you were wondering).
These last two weeks showed a surge in articles by Frank, since I spent them mainly detained at places like Mexican, Peruvian, and US immigration (the sodas were the most expensive at the Mexican one, which is odd because that's the place that I was least likely to drink them).
Yes, for those of you who know who I am, I'm BACK on the Midwest amateur ski circuit, and although I never was all that fast, I can trash talk as well as anybody! I've also been known to break out with a couple versus from "Mississippi Queen" in the dressing area before events (provoking some to suggest that I'd come to the race loaded...erroneously of course), so keep your ears open for that.
The big news we have for the month is that the ski suits are IN and they look even more magnificent than we ever could have hoped. Check them out yourselves here!
Here's a rundown of the other news for the second half of October:
Frank started us off with a funny video he found on Youtube about Cross Country Snow Boarding. Then we all got excited when it snowed at the Whistlestop Marathon (even if it was only a smattering). I followed that up with an ode to powdered sugar donuts entitled, The Real Reason we Race! And then Frank got nostalgic about the fall colors in this article. One of our members Cara-Jo O'Connel (an artist whose web page you can check out here) drew us a mascot affectionately known as the Cyclopter (he's up at the top, but check out his introduction)! And Frank got upset about some rule changes in this article. We introduced Troy Reine, and Frank gave us some Stonegrinding tips (and you really should listen to his tips since he used to prepare the skis for the US ski team) in two parts, Part I and Part II. We featured the Reindeer Run event in Minneapolis, and introduced Owen Theole. And then I returned with the brilliant suggestion that we do all our training at water parks (trust me, read this article). We finished off having our suits professionally modeled (because squeezing my fat butt into those things just wasn't getting it done).
That's it for this issue of the Cyclops! We'll be back around the 15th with some undoubtedly HUGE news! Until then take care and THINK SNOW!

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