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Steve Prefontaine tears it Up

I was standing in Borders bookstore the other day, browsing through the magazines because...well shesh...WHO reads books? Anyway, being the XC fan that I am, I instantly noticed the intense eyes of Steve Prefontaine staring up at me from the lonely racks.

Like most of you, I'm familiar with Pre because of the two films that came out about him at basically the exact same time. If you don't know these films, they are "Without Limits" starring Billy Crudup (he played Dr. Manhattan in "The Watchmen"...that naked blue guy...yeah, that's Pre). The other film is simply "Prefontaine" staring Jared Leto. You might remember Jared Leto from "Fight Club" or due to the fact that he's oddly gone off in a new career direction, that of a rock star. He's the lead singer of a band called mission to mars or something like that (they actually sound pretty good I'm embarrassed to admit).

Essentially the two Prefontaine movies are about of equal quality. Leto looks a bit more like Pre and I think he gives a better performance than Crudup (Leto's just a bit more likeable), but the fact that "Prefontaine" is filmed in documentary style was kind of a mistake, and the surrounding cast of "Without Limits" (especially Donald Sutherland as Coach Bowerman, is superior.

But anyway...

So, seeing Pre on the cover of that magazine provoked me to pick it up and page through it (as you do with magazines) and inside there was an article about a guy who makes a point of picking up all the change he sees when he's out running (penny, quarter...whatever, he picks it up). Apparently after doing this for his entire multi-decade long running career, he's amassed more than eight thousand dollars!

For more details, pick up the above magazine, but it just got me thinking that the next time I see a partially useable chewed up tennis shoe or ratty old hat or bottle cap...heck...I'm GETTING it and bringing it home, no matter HOW nasty it is!

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