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A Shot Rollerski Wheel

Here's a problem that most skiiers are unhappily familiar with. A Rollerski wheel that is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. A lawsuit against whom you ask? Well, potentially against the rollerski maker in response to the broken neck you suffered while tumbling ass over teakettle into a mulchy ravine, or perhaps it would be a lawsuit from your wife against the ski pole company due to the fact that you impaled her while you were windmilling desperately to regain your balance...but most likely, the lawsuit is against YOU as a result of the fact that you crashed into some little old lady who was out for a walk on some public trail and you accidentally killed her dog.

Well, the whole problem could have been avoided if you had REPLACED your ski wheels six or seven seasons ago instead of just loosening them up, moving them down, and then retightening them so that they just balance precariously at the bottom of the fixture (thus to get a few more miles out of them).

You see, that's just a hazard of the course because XC skiers don't like to replace there wheels all that often.

And WHY don't we replace our wheels with greater frequency?

Because rollerski wheels are ridiculously expensive! Those babies up there, they were like $35 dollars each plus another $20 if you need the bearings and screws and everything else that makes the unit functional as a "wheel." And that's just for ONE wheel!

Frank keeps telling me I'm ridiculous for sticking with my beloved Proskis, apparently there are more cost effective rollerskis out there that don't cost essentially the price of a whole new set just to change the wheels (which needs to happen once a year). If we're lucky, maybe Frank will write us an article about HIS super duper rollerskis. I've never tried those...but I know that these Proskis are a heck of a lot better than my old V2 skis which approximated the glide you get when the outside temperature is something close to absolute zero.

Well, the wheels in the above image are just about worn out, so I'm on a quest to find some new ones for as inexpensively as possible...I'll keep you posted as to how successful I am. Stay tuned!

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