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15 Minutes in the Snow

Lately it's been beautifully warm. Anything over 20 degrees is pretty much perfect skiing weather (as long as there's no wind). But a couple days ago I went out for a ski on a day in the 10s. Now, even the 10s aren't bad, and back in the old days we'd regularly do races below zero.

Looking back on that, it was utter craziness because first of all your skis don't glide when it's below zero (so what's the point?) and second of all you can do irrepairable damage to your lungs (so I've heard)...not to mention other exposed regions of your person (it can be sad to see a grown man crying in a frigid parking lot after a ski race...but we've all seen that guy...and been him on occasion).

So, now in my wiser old age, I pretty much think races on the negative side of zero are simply out of the question (prepaid entry fee be damned). Because even on a relatively warm day, something in the teens for example, it can feel COLD. And no matter what you wear, it's going to be cold that first fifteen minutes. Those are the minutes you just have to push through...it's how long it takes for the furnace to kick in and start blowing warm air through your rapidly icing limbs. But once fifteen minutes hits, something magical happens! You're suddenly warm enough to whip off your gloves and start taking photos. Suddenly the day is bright, the skis are moving fast, and it's a great day to be alive.

Pretty crazy how quickly your perspective can change isn't it?

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