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A Challenge: Training While Traveling

Often when traveling on business, you have very long days as to make the most of every minute on the ground. In my case, this usually means visiting between 5 - 10 bike/ski/run/outdoor shops per day. In general, this is a 11 hour day or so and doesn't leave much time for my critical daily workout.

A common conversation I have with Silent Sport enthusiasts that when traveling for business, it's very difficult to stay active and fit while on the road. Factors contributing to this challenge include traveling with equipment (it's difficult to bring a bike or skis with), finding a good place to get out to ride/ski/run, having the energy to get out after a long day, and the list goes on.

Cyclova XC member Abby Boline getting ready for a run in the city.

While skiing or cycling while on travel is often preferable, the fact is that running is almost always the most practical solution. Simply pack along a pair of shoes, a few pieces of clothing, and you're set to go! No oversized luggage charges, worries about equipment being damaged in transit, etc! Simply run out your hotel door and go explore!

I have traveled many places and simply ran out my hotel door to go exploring. I have had a number of amazing experiences while doing these random exploratory runs over the years, ranging from Christmas Tree burning festivals in Zurich, Switzerland to long runs along the Pacific in Monterrey, CA.

While it can be intimidating to get out and run when you don't know where you're going, you have to ask yourself, "what the worst that could happen to me?" It's really not a big deal if you find yourself in an unsightly part of town or out in the deep snow, just turn around and go back - then pat yourself for getting out and staying active while traveling!

In Big Sky Country (Montana) you can run down the middle of the very wide streets, as seen here in West Yellowstone, MT!

As a bonus, if your focus sports are cycling or skiing, many elite athletes are finding that mixing running into their routine helps to loosen up their muscles and increase flexibility as compared to strictly focusing on their typical sport. Perhaps you'll be better off next time after traveling and doing a few runs!

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