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CyclovaXC "Olive" Warm-Up Jacket. Order NOW!

When we sat down and thought about it, Frank and I decided that we really need to get some warm-up jackets. Most of the time people don't train in their ski suits, and even if they do, there is just a large amount of time in which our awesome design is covered up by some more bland jacket.

But our backs are a little bit up against the wall since we have to make the order NOW in order to get them for ski season. We're going with podiumwear again (the same company that made our suits) and Frank recommended that we get their PROLINE jacket which he says is a great "windbreaker" style jacket with a lining. You can check out the official Podiumwear page here, but keep in mind that the design will be OUR Olive design and not the weird blue one you see there.

I've already ordered a "best guess" count for what I think we're going to need, but we could run out of these quick.

So again, your options for payment are:
1. Use the paypal buttons on the upper left side of this blog to pay with credit card.

2. Send a check (payable to Frank Lundeen) to:

Frank Lundeen
Attn: CyclovaXC
4417 30th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Be sure to include:

1. Size
2. Quantity
4. The Check

Thanks! And if you're not on the way to our CyclovaXC part at Sawmill...go out and get in your CAR!

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