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CyclovaXC Party December 5th!--The Cyclops Vol. 1 Issue 5

CyclovaXC Party at the Sawmill Saloon, Saturday December 5th!

Hey team!

It's been an eventful couple of weeks. We've had our first team members participate in a race, Thanksgiving came and went, and I got to know a trio of deer hunters more intimately than I ever would have wanted (well, as intimately as you get to know anyone who's staring at you through the scope of a high powered rifle from 150 yards away). But hell, it's the adventure we love now isn't it, and as long as no blood is shed (or at least...not a lethal amount) I'm not crying foul!

Once again, the big reminder is that we're having a party up at the Sawmill Saloon this Saturday, December 5th. Frank's been in touch with Cindy Ferraro (owner of Sawmill and the Lenroot Lodge) and they're fired up to have us...so fired up in fact that Cindy has said she would give team members 10$ off on the room rates. I suppose all you have to do is mention Frank's name (mentioning my name just gets you a dial tone frequently). The number for the Lenroot Lodge is: 715 634 7007 and for the Sawmill Saloon: 715 634 5660. The web page is here. For those of you who haven't ever been there, it's not hard to find. Essentially if you can find Seeley, Wisconsin on a map, you'll find the Sawmill, it's right on HWY 63.

In other news, I just made an order for some warm-up jackets. The jackets are in the "Olive" design and will be available for $145. I only made a small order, so if you really want one, get in touch with me right away so I can make sure I'll have your size. They're the Proline jacket that you can see here although the actual design will be different.

With that said, let me move on to the roundup of articles for the last couple of weeks:

Frank got us going with a bang by somehow getting permission to post the ENTIRE Birkie video from last year. Click on this link to have a look at how the pros do it! We then expanded on our mission statement by sending out a call for articles and especially photos. As many of you know, our main plan for this page is to simply provide a nice sort of community bulletin board for people to post all their cool skier photos (preferably of people wearing CyclovaXC gear). I then dug into the old time archives for some glory day Birkie pictures. And had a couple words about everybody's favorite XC runner, Steve Prefontaine. Frank complimented Master Skier on the work they had done. And I finally drug one of my old Rollerski wheels out to the back forty where I could shoot it. I then took a Video of Chewbacca (yeah, the guy from Star Wars) on a Balance Board. And we introduced CyclovaXC member Chris Wallace (he's the guy to go to if you ever need anything corrected). I pontificated on the last days of Autumn. And then went on several ridiculous rants about old, beat up skiing gear. And urged you to wear blaze orange so you don't get shot while rollerskiing. Then I shamelessly stuck the phrase "Black Friday" into a post title to get a bunch of extra hits (it worked). Frank did his first race on snow for the season. Provoking him to ask for a pinch (girls were lining up for miles)! And then there was the incident with the three hunters who scoped me out and then yelled at me for not being a deer.

So that's it! As the days roll by and the shadows grow longer, it's only a matter of time until we're striding, gliding, and partying...but as I said before (and as I misspelled in my last email like a frickin' idiot) the PARTY COMES FIRST! So BE THERE at the sawmill this Saturday, and in the meantime...THINK SNOW!

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