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December 5th Cyclova Party at the Sawmill Saloon

Frank's already given you all a pretty good indication as to the total smashing success that was our party last weekend. We're still in the tinker/development stage of this club. It's an infant still taking its baby steps, and we're all pretty excited to see how things continue to develop.

One of the main items that seems to be of major interest among the people who I've talked to about this club, is the possibility of making our page a good place to share race related (and by that I mean run, bike, and ski) photos. Anyone who has ever coughed up the dough for a set of marathon photo pics knows that...well, it's not really worth taking out the second mortgage that's required. To that end, we want to make it easily available to upload pictures and share them here.

The above slideshow image is from google's picassa, and in the next few days I'll write an article as to how to set that up. Those of you who don't have a google account should really get one since it appears that google is taking over the world and it would behoove you to become familiar with their interface as soon as possible. The short version of how to do it is: Go onto google, click on Photos (it's under the more drop down menu option), upload your photos into an album, get the code for embedding into a web page, send that code to cyclovaxc@gmail.com, and I'll put it up here (I'll go through this whole thing again with screen shots so you can figure it out more easilly).

Frank took all the good pictures on Saturday, I was too busy drinking (as the picture with the pitcher indicates), but if I do my instruction page well enough, we'll see Frank's pictures on here in slideshow form shortly!

Until then, cheers all!

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