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Event Report: Cyclova XC Launch Party

It's in the books now... That's right, on Saturday over 25 people made it to Seeley, WI for the Cyclova XC launch party festivities!

We started out with a great group ski actually on snow at the "Double O" Birkie Trail head. There were roughly 15 people out there skiing along packing down a nice loop in the lighted trail area (on the south side of "OO"). There was about 4 inches of light fluffy powder which packed down to a thin layer of snow pack, just enough to cover up the grass. Definitely rock ski conditions, a great workout was still had. I found myself classic skiing for about 2:45 before cashing in.

Jacob Schmid getting first tracks on the Birkie Trail, pre-party!

When I arrived, Terry Tansey and Jeff Schmid were testing out some new "race radios" (walkie talkies) that Terry had just gotten for race officiating. I can't say I've ever been out on a ski workout before and heard a concealed radio in someone's pocket come to life saying, "Red Squirrel, this is Red Dragon. Do you copy over? I'm on top of the terminator and going down to the rolling valley over...". In any case, good times were had and the radios worked out just fine!

Jeff Schmid ripping taking a break during a great ski, pre-party!

After a great afternoon of skiing, the festivities moved down the hill to the Sawmill Saloon in Seeley, WI. The Sawmill holds a dear place in my heart and was just the place to have this event. Over 24 folks attended the party over the course of the evening including many locals, a number of folks from the Spooner area, Chippewa Falls, and the Twin Cities. Great people + great venue + great food + great beer = GREAT TIME! After all, having fun with our sports and building community is really what Cyclova XC is really all about!

Eva, Ben, and Zulma in the midst of a record breaking round of Big Buck Hunter!

The group enjoyed the back room with the stage, but after people started thinning out the beer started flowing more freely and the party moved up to the bar area. Ben, Zulma, Eva, and I enjoyed a number of rounds of "Big Buck Hunter" (appropriate for Seeley), a couple of tight games of pool, and finally some Texas Hold 'Em.

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