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Event Report: Hoigaard's - Breadsmith Relays

For most, the Hoigaard's - Breadsmith Relay is an opportunity to ski on snow for the first time of the season, which happens to be during a relay race. This was the case for numerous folks that I spoke with at the event this past Saturday including our very own Cory Kending.

This relay was a fantastic way to start off the Midwestern race season! In general, it is a very low key and fun event. While there are some fast racers there, no one is super stressed out or full of themselves, everyone is just there to have fun and ski hard.

Registration was held in the upper story of the Theodore Wirth Chalet / Country Club, which is a beautiful lodge style room with huge fireplace. Surrounded by the snowscape and ski trails, it was an ideal place to meet up with team mates and get your race bibs!

This year, the course was on the man made snow 1k loop at Theodore Wirth Park, in Minneapolis. This is a tough 1k loop with some relatively fast curvy downhill sections with a long stretch of climbing as well. Each of the 4 relay legs did 2 laps of the course. The snow conditions were ideal firm yet machined man made snow conditions thanks to the new Pisten Bully groomer that Wirth has. The snow guns were still blazing at race time, so we were skiing through a sunny blizzard at the north end of the course!

Cyclova XC had 2 teams race in this event. Thanks to everyone who showed up to fly the colors and cheer us on! The 2 Teams included

Cyclova XC Mixed:
Leg 1: Frank Lundeen
Leg 2: Abby Boline
Leg 3: Cory Kending
Leg 4:
Frank Lundeen

Cyclova XC #58:
Leg 1: Barry Schmitt
Leg 2: Isaac Larson
Leg 3: Troy Reine
Leg 4: Barry Schmitt

While neither team was at the top of the results list, we certain had a great time and got our $12 entry fee worth of workout! There is nothing like a 2k "sprint" to blow the carbon out and start your ski season off! Isaac and
Frank were chatting in the chalet after the event and having a hard time getting a word in around each other's "race hack" coughing that was going on. The "race hack" is of course a great sign that you left it all out on the course!

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