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The Fabulous Skiing Lodge at Tower Ridge

When I went to college in Eau Claire back in the late 90s, I used to ski all the time out at Tower Ridge. That was back in the days when I was fit and I would be the first to pull into the parking lot and the last to pull out. Other cars would come and go (I'd see them as I came through on my laps) but mine would always be sitting there. And as darkness slowly crept in, and I finally gave up and unclasped my boots from my frozen binders, I'd walk back to my vehicle and hope that the darn thing would start. Knowing that if it didn't start, I was probably going to freeze to death since I was too exhausted to build a fire.

Ok, that's probably a little extreme...or maybe not...but the better news is that now there is a magnificent ski lodge at tower ridge. As you can see from the above photo, this place is SWEET! I've stayed in HOTELS that weren't as nice as this place. Heck! I've stayed in APARTMENTS that weren't that nice.

It's got everything you need! It's heated, it's got picnic tables! It's got bathrooms! And it closes at 10 PM, so I ASSUME that somebody comes around to shut off the lights and lock the if your car doesn't start, you can just wait and get help from that guy!

Man, if this lodge had existed back when I was going to school....

But you see, this is exactly the type of thing that more little communities need! Let's face it, XC Skiing isn't nearly as big as it needs to be or should be. We've got to CONVERT people, and beautiful lodges like this make all the difference.

So if you're in the Eau Claire area and you want to meet the people responsible for the tower ridge lodge, you can probably find them here at the Eau Claire Ski Striders! We'll keep you posted if they're doing any races...I'd like to get a T-Shirt with that logo on it (I think I have one somewhere...but I need ANOTHER one)!

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